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Reporting to the Board of Directors and Filling Open Cybersecurity Jobs

Peer Roundtable for Senior Security Leaders Executive Recap 11/21/23

On November 21, 2023, the group discussed two Peer Challenge Cases on Reporting to the BOD and Filling Open Cybersecurity Jobs during our cohort.

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What is a Peer Challenge Case™?

It’s a PeerRoundtables.com exclusive. Submit your challenge and prosper with peer power by having a team help you solve it. We keep you and your company's identity private, unless you decide to reveal it. We discuss two cases per cohort. It’s been said, “This is a cool way to capture new ideas!”

Peer Challenge Case 1

The group discussed a case where a security team is being asked to increase their visibility and reporting to internal stakeholders. Within the next month they are expected to add reporting to the board of directors.


The group discussed the challenges of communicating cybersecurity risks to non-technical stakeholders and the importance of addressing security holistically.


They shared that you should convey the maturity of your security program. Not as in what you're looking to achieve, but where you are right now and the effectiveness of your current controls, processes, and technologies that you have at your organization.


Be certain to clearly define the threat environment and understanding the organization's risk tolerance when communicating with the BOD. Keep everything financially focused, because that is the main interest of, the board. When they're thinking about cybersecurity risk, it is the financial implications.


An interesting line of discussion formed around the limitations of insurance policies in covering business losses in the face of cyber-attacks and how this might be an important reporting topic.

Peer Challenge Case 2

The group discussed an organization that is being challenged with filling open cybersecurity jobs. They have tried several things including increased pay and incentives, implementing a referral program, improved training, career paths, and considering a mentorship program.


The group discussed new outsourcing models that are being explored by organizations and how organizations are considering changing candidate requirements.


They also discussed how the technology space is innovating every 18 months and that many education programs are teaching six years back. Because of this lag, now might be a good time to hire trainable individuals who have experience in doing something with cyber, and then mentor and develop them.

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