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About Us

More than 5,065+ senior leaders are part of the Peer Roundtables Community.

The Peer Roundtables team draws on diverse backgrounds and experiences to help hundreds of our senior leader members overcome complex challenges in our volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world each month. Our network leaders embody the “5 I’s of Success” — intention, investment, invention, inspection, and iteration.

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Discovery | Rewiring | Rejuvenating


In each peer get-together, you discover more about yourself and your decisions by gaining insight from the diverse perspectives of trusted peers. This is important because you can expand your decision-making abilities beyond your learned behaviors and experiences.


Peer Roundtables allows you to undo the limitations of hard-wiring created due to your past decisions with an infusion of new perspectives that helps you to avoid wrong thinking, bad decisions and anything else that is detrimental to your future success.


Through engaging conversations with trusted peers you can reclaim your confidence so you're always ready to take on new complex challenges and win each day.

Virtual Sessions

Protected | Unique | Non-competitive


For each Peer Roundtable no public recording is ever released and your company and personal identity is protected. We use Chatham House Rules so members can openly share information and not be identified as the source of information to encourage inclusive and open dialogue in meetings.


Each get-together is unique, and discussions are member-driven to provide the greatest level of value generation for time invested. 


Competitors often attend Peer Roundtables, and we find there are always important, non-competitive issues for executives to discuss. We explore executives’ individual challenges then facilitate discussions that steer clear of sensitive topics.

Jim Rembach

Founder & Managing Partner

Jim is Certified as a Peer Roundtable Facilitator, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Community Specialist, and Persuasion Science Specialist. He is an award-winning podcaster, author, and entrepreneur.  

We Believe

At Peer Roundtables, we believe that today's complex challenges can only be addressed successfully by building trust and asking great questions among a group of like-minded peers. We are completely dedicated to designing and leading distinctive executive communities, where members shares experiences and gain insights that transform their organizations, their industries, and their careers for greater future success.

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