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Sales and Revenue Executives Peer Group

Invitation-only sales and revenue executive peer roundtables to network and have safe, meaningful, and innovative conversations with a community of trusted peers.


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Learn how to step back from the grind and recharge your mind.

Get Value

It's lonely at the top yet extremely noisy

As a sales and revenue executive, you must challenge old assumptions and embrace new realities without fear, suspicion, or worry. Instead of falling for marketing hype, leveraging insights from different perspectives in a peer network dramatically improve opportunities for success.

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adapt to change fast

Learn & Adapt

Avoid being disrupted

The overload of information available today, the velocity of disruption, and the acceleration of innovation are hard to comprehend or anticipate. Your ability to continually learn, adapt, and challenge your conceptual model of success will distinguish you from all other business leaders.


Meet Mike Wynn

Vice President, Advanced Purchasing Dynamics

"The format for these Peer Roundtables is unique, I have created engaging and valuable relationships with several members, and I feel my time is very well spent. I’m fortunate to join in to have actionable and frank conversations."

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