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Using Non-US Sellers in the United States and Decision-maker Connections

Peer Roundtable for Senior Sales and Revenue Leaders Executive Recap from 11-16-23

On November 16, 2023, the group discussed two Peer Challenge Cases on Using Non-US Sellers in the United States and Decision-maker Connections.

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What is the Peer Challenge Case™? It’s a PeerRoundtables.com exclusive. Submit your challenge and have a team help you solve it while keeping you and your company's identity private. We discuss two cases per cohort. It’s been said, “This is a fun new way to capture new ideas!”  

For Peer Challenge Case #1, the group discussed a case in which an organization is challenged with integrating international teams selling into the US market.

They all agreed that sales in B2B are a lot different today than just five or six years ago. It was shared that a lot of the training and sales methodologies that are out in the marketplace are a lot older than five or six years ago. And that many teams are still hanging on to old practices that maybe worked in the 1980s and 1990s, which are irrelevant today.

The group then explored new selling methods, including Identifying the Ten Clarities, the three-question loop, posturing, anchoring and reframing, embedded commands, referential indexing, levels of intent, FATE modeling, and tonality. The group confirmed we must improve working with our sales teams to become more buyer-centric, which usually does not start with your product.

For Peer Challenge Case #2, the group discussed a challenge where an organization was challenged with connecting with key decision-makers, and was experiencing a steady decline with their connection rates.

They have tried different scripts, people, and services with little impact. The group discussed a few different approaches to getting to senior-level decision-makers.

They discussed various sales techniques and skill development strategies, including the importance of becoming a trusted advisor to potential customers. They emphasized it's crucial to connect with higher-level decision-makers.

They suggested various strategies for doing so, including a plus one targeting method, using referrals, and asking decision-maker type questions to your contact to influence your way to get decision-maker audience.

Then they discussed the challenges of sales in a virtual world, where the deals are smaller and the connect rate is lower, and how to change your strategy and approach to match the current market.

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