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Hybrid Sales Bottlenecks and Winning RFPs

Peer Roundtable for Senior Sales and Revenue Leaders Executive Recap from 10-18-23

On October 18, 2023, the group discussed two Peer Challenge Cases on Hybrid Sales Bottlenecks and Winning RFPs.

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The cohort opened with a discussion on how vital it has become to prepare for what's coming next and the critical need to leverage peers' insights.

Get Smart(er): “Only a tiny fraction of leaders participate in strategic peer groups to raise their game, despite how unbelievably effective they are.” - Leo Botarry, Author The Power of Peers

What is the Peer Challenge Case™? It’s a PeerRoundtables.com exclusive. Submit your challenge and have a team help you solve it while keeping you and your company's identity private. We discuss two cases per cohort. It’s been said, “This is a fun new way to capture new ideas!”  

For Peer Challenge Case #1, the group discussed a case in which an organization is transforming to a hybrid sales model and finding their legacy systems (and people) that were designed for their old sales model are creating bottlenecks.


They know they need to hire and train differently and need to determine where to and not to invest in technology.


The group debated whether to replace or reconfigure the sales methodology and personnel, with the majority advocating for reconfiguring as a first course of action.

The group recognized the added complexity of a hybrid model but agreed that it is necessary to meet the changing needs of buyers and the marketplace.

They emphasized the importance of reskilling the workforce and investing in tools and platforms that serve multiple purposes while cautioning against over-investing in technology and templates that can overwhelm the workforce and not align with modern-day and complex buyer journeys.

For Peer Challenge Case #2, the group discussed a challenge where an organization lost 11 RFPs in a row, and changes they have made along the way are not working.

They have tried several internal and external resources and ideas: technical writing, emotional writing, value-added items, guarantees, dedicated support, add-ons, and more.

The feedback when they asked why they were not chosen was provided; it was limited and not insightful in helping them change their results.

The team shared various approaches to winning bids, including focusing on core competencies, partnering with other companies, bidding as a challenger, and undercutting competitors on pricing.

The group emphasized the importance of understanding the psychology of customers and the need for clear and concise proposal writing.

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