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AI Governance and Buying Process Challenges

Peer Roundtable for Senior Sales and Revenue Leaders Executive Recap

On September 14, 2023, the group discussed two Peer Challenge Cases on AI Governance and Buying Process Pain.

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The cohort opened with a discussion on how vital it has become to prepare for what's coming next and leverage the insights of peers.

What is the Peer Challenge Case™? It’s a PeerRoundtables.com exclusive. Submit your challenge and have a team help you solve it while keeping your and your company's identity private. We discuss two cases per cohort. It’s been said, “This is a fun new way to capture new ideas!”

The first Peer Challenge Case discussed was about a sales team experimenting with ChatGPT without direction on what is helpful. They are seeing new AI tools rapidly pop up, but no one knows what may be beneficial.

They are looking at AI to help them efficiently in their tasks, get an edge in engagement/insights, manage the sales process, and more.

The group discussed the importance of creating governance and strategy for using tools to drive success. It was proposed to take a two-pronged approach to improve the team's workflows and business processes in AI's outrageously rapidly changing world.

One is a short-term strategy to improve existing operations and a separate strategy to rethink workflows completely to deliver a significantly better prospect experience.

The second Peer Challenge Case discussed how one organization was experiencing more difficulty during the buying process in 2023.

Buyers are requesting more, while close rates are declining, even when receiving what was requested.

The team discussed the challenges of successful POCs and the importance of discovery in identifying the customer's pain points and aligning the POC with their business problem.

One suggestion was to charge a token amount for POCs to ensure customer commitment and readiness to spend money later. The group discussed the challenges of the changing buying cycle and the need for affirmations.

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