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Getting People Into the Office and LinkedIn Woes

Peer Roundtable for Senior Marketing Leaders Executive Recap

On December 7, 2023, the group discussed two Peer Challenge Cases on getting people into the office and LinkedIn woes. 

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For Peer Challenge Case 1, the group discussed an organization struggling with people still not quite “back to office”, and they have told people “we want you in 3 days a week.”

They have a large organization that is geographically all over. They are attempting to foster a greater sense of teamwork (we still have it, but not quite “close collaboration” and community). They wonder if it’s realistic to get people into the office when they’ve proven they can be productive from home.

The group shared that innovation and creative thinking have suffered by not having people in proximity with one another. They talked about using more persuasion and influence skills to nurture interaction versus forcing them to meet were necessary.

Town halls, quarterly in-person creative sessions, social events, coaching, storytelling, and more were discussed.

For Peer Challenge Case 2, the group discussed a challenge where an organization was feeling there is too much emphasis on social media, especially LinkedIn. The more B2B your product is, it seems less and less likely to be a place to buy a product.

Their conclusion is, LinkedIn is for brand building at best. Awareness at best. No one is looking to buy a product looks at LinkedIn. (When they want to collect data on a B2B product – they search Google, ask someone).

The group discussed that the right strategy is crucial for LinkedIn and social. There are top of funnel and middle of funnel opportunities and implications at stake.

Dark Funnel and attribution may be more challenging, but not having presence, due to a flawed strategy, on a platform with nearly a billion business professionals is risky.

In addition, a scale-at-all-costs mantra is dying in the current climate. One member shared that their data has shown that the number of calls required to get to one connect has gone up by 9x over the past year. If you include all touchpoints, it's gone up by 20X. Traditional lead gen tactics are not working for them.

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