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GTM Performance and Measuring Marketing Success

Peer Roundtable for Senior Marketing Leaders Executive Recap

On November 8, 2023, the group discussed two Peer Challenge Cases on GTM Performance and Measuring Marketing Success.

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For Peer Challenge Case 1, the group discussed an organization attempting to gain efficiency and conversions with their target GTM strategies in converting best-fit prospects to scale demand generation to pipeline growth.

Previously, they used demographics (size, industry, role/title). They are considering other criteria such as technographics, revenue growth, headcount growth, etc.

The group discussed challenges related to gaining efficiency and conversions with target go-to-market strategies, customer segmentation strategies, and finding accurate technographic data sources.

They also discussed the importance of analyzing internal and external data, including sales cycle, win rate, revenue spend, profitability, number of products purchased, referrals, industry associations, and the "joy factor" of working with clients.

They shared experiences with using different strategies, several other solutions, and their advantages and drawbacks.

For Peer Challenge Case 2, the group discussed a challenge where an organization was challenged with highlighting the value of Marketing (and Product Marketing) via KPIs.

The group also discussed the benefits and limitations of AI tools for their respective businesses, the challenge of measuring the value of marketing and product marketing through KPIs, and the importance of identifying the right persona with the right content at the right time.

They discussed various attribution models and emphasized the need to know where you are in the customer journey and the value of understanding the customer's digital self-directed journey.

A key point was to align your organization around: So what will marketing do? Marketing will generate how much pipeline? How much revenue? Make it very clear and update it quarterly.

And to educate executive stakeholders on long-term impacts that need to be realized that cannot be reported quarterly.

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