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Eliminating Demo No-shows and Discovering Reliable Buyer Intent Data

Peer Roundtable for Senior Marketing Leaders Executive Recap

On October 5, 2023, the Senior Marketing Leaders Peer Group discussed two Peer Challenge Cases on Eliminating Demo No-shows and Discovering Reliable Buyer Intent Data.

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For Peer Challenge Case 1, the group discussed a case in which things went sideways after launching a new platform and receiving a healthy amount of interest and engagement for a few months.

During month three, demo attendance dropped by 65%. People were still signing up for a demo, but no-shows were high. Tactics were changed tactics for confirming times, but there was no improvement. An on-demand try-it-yourself option was added, and the demo still had a high percentage of no-shows.

Several solutions were discussed, including sending a survey beforehand and customizing demos based on prospect needs. The Peer Group emphasized the importance of adding value and showcasing how the product solves problems rather than just showcasing capabilities. The group also discussed the use of a Pareto principle and targeting high-value prospects with customized demos.

For Peer Challenge Case 2, the group discussed a challenge where an organization struggled to detect reliable buyer intent data. They were awash in data. They had visibility into which accounts visited which web pages, opened which emails, clicked digital ads, and downloaded which assets; along with external sources outside of their funnel like Bombora, Neon, and others showing which accounts are surging for various topics.

They struggled cutting through the noise and latching onto the data that most reliably implied buyer intent to focus their resources on that. The group discussed using multiple models and reverse engineering the sales process, setting parameters ahead of time, and analyzing data with various analytic models to gain valuable insights on what data is most and least important.

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