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Campaign Strategy Ownership and Trends and Challenges in Marketing Operations

Peer Roundtable for Senior Marketing Leaders Executive Recap

On September 6, 2023, the group discussed two Peer Challenge Cases on Campaign Strategy Ownership, as well as Trends and Challenges in Marketing Operations. This cohort was full of back-to-back experience and idea sharing.  

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They also discussed the challenges faced in small companies and startups where sales and marketing alignment is not well-established or limited in resources. Staffing and innovation for both is difficult as people struggle adapting to different sets of responsibilities, operational practices, and tools. Learning curves are becoming much longer and compromising strategic plans.    

The team discussed how marketing can help buyers justify purchases by demonstrating value, suggesting the use of ROI calculators and providing examples of board reports to show the impact of their products.

They also emphasized the importance of personalized and incremental approaches to engage prospects. The importance of creating bite-sized content for marketing was also discussed, as well as the need for urgency in marketing and the importance of quantifying value.

The team also discussed strategies for overcoming omission bias and creating trust with prospects. They emphasized the need to keep things simple and avoid overwhelming prospects with too much information.

Finally, they discussed the importance of arming champions with knowledge of how to approach different stakeholders in an organization and giving them the tools to present a solution confidently and effectively. The next cohort is scheduled for Thursday, October 5, 2023 @ 2ET. Reserve your spot here


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