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Generative AI and Controlling New Acquisition Costs

Peer Roundtable for Senior Marketing Leaders Executive Recap

On August 3, 2023, the group discussed two Peer Challenge Cases on the impact of generative AI on search engines and SEO and the challenges of generating content that is easily accessible through UX and preventing new acquisition costs from continuing to climb.

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They also discussed the benefits and challenges of using AI tools for content creation, including the need to cross-reference information and create derivative content. The group agreed that having tools to help with website optimization and content generation can be valuable.

The group discussed the challenges of generating a high volume of content to stay competitive in the AI-generated answers space. They also discussed the importance of context and thought leadership in solution marketing and the need to understand how AI tools assess and compile data to provide answers.

The group acknowledged the difficulty of managing different AI tools with different training sets and algorithms and the risk of being left behind if one tool ignores a company's content.

Finally, they discussed the challenge of preventing new acquisition costs from continuing to climb and the fear that the gap between costs and revenues will increase, putting credibility and jobs at risk.

The team discussed the importance of understanding the ratio of spending to revenue in reducing the cost of acquisition. They suggested focusing on the ideal customer profile, conversion funnel, and organic channels to improve conversions and reduce costs.

They also discussed the traditional models of account-based marketing, its effectiveness in complex sales, and the high cost of some ABM tactics.

The team also discussed the challenges of creating content that addresses specific pain points for different key players with other interests and needs. They also discussed the importance of transforming metrics and KPIs to measure the right things and justify increased costs.

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